Microangel LP

We are building an LP fund

MicroAngel wants to acquire businesses started by solopreneurs, side hustlers and organically grown software businesses that generate immediate cash flow.

For the past two years, we’ve proven a new model at microangel.so

MicroAngel’s proven playbook will allow us to grow and nurture these businesses.

We want to provide owners with multi-million dollar exits so they can walk off into the sunset, while providing our investors immediate cash flow.

Our approach

👉 We acquire high-cashflow, profitable software products

👉 We hold products for an average of 24 months before exit

👉 You earn quarterly dividend from quarterly free cashflows

👉 By exit, we’ve doubled valuation with a proven playbook

👉 This is 2x your investment 24 months later on product exit

👉 Liquidate your profits or compound profits into next deal

We are looking for

✅ Strong cashflows, $500k - $2M ARR

✅ 85%+ gross margins

✅ Product-led Growth

✅ $49+ ARPU

✅ 20%+ YoY Revenue Growth

✅ Productivity, marketing tech, APIs, automation products

To learn more, email us at invest@microangel.so